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I get so emotional over Anne Boleyn sometimes

i don’t care i love it » capital cities (europe)

The City of Love; The Forum; The Old Smoke; The Eternal City; The Grey City; Venice of the North; The City of Violet Crown; The Whitestone
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if you dont laugh at my dick jokes we cant hang out

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Do the royals have a last name —Anonymous

Descendants of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip are Mountbatten-Windsor, BUT sometimes they will take their titles name i.e. William Wales, Andrew York, etc. 

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wait did i just spot your george gifs on perez hilton? —Anonymous

Yeah probably a lot of those sort of sites i.e Buzzfeed, Yahoo, popsugar, etc, use gifs from tumblr

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i want to eat george's cheeks so fucking cuteee —Anonymous

I know i can’t even deal sometimes

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I love how Prince George's hair is the exact opposite of his dads. —Anonymous

When he was George’s age he had a lot of hair as well!

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